What we offer

Robust, dependable IT Infrastructures: Private-cloud and hybrid-cloud

With our customisable dedicated servers and scalable virtual private servers we provide fully customized IT environments. Because no system resources are shared with other customers, these private environments are the perfect solution for companies with mission critical applications. We also offer flexible hybrid-cloud environments, combining the best of both worlds: a public-cloud and a private-cloud.

Remote Managed Services: Your systems and servers 24/7 secure and up to date

Our managed services include advanced 24/7 monitoring, trend analysis, updates and patches for your entire infrastructure. By fully managing all security aspects on different layers, we limit risks pro-actively. Besides high quality maintenance of your environment for a fixed price, you receive unlimited technical support.

Why Kumina? Because of the way we do business

Personal approach

We work with fairly small teams and short communication lines. This way you will have a personal connection with people you get to know, and who know you and your business. “At no point did they ever let us down, and they've often had the amazing ability to make us feel as we're their only customer. ” – David Coveney – Director of Interconnect/it

Fixed Prices

At Kumina you pay for the service, not the usage. We charge per VM and per service running on the VM. In contrast to many other managed service providers we do not charge per change or per hour, nor do we have a limit to the hours of support you receive. This way you will financially always know what to expect.


We have one very simple rule: we do something well, or we do not do it at all. We attach great value to the quality we deliver, to transparency and no-nonsense communication. So we will not promise 100% uptime, or promise there will never be any problem, because that is simply not realistic. But we do promise we will be honest, we won't hide mistakes and we will always do our utmost to make sure your business critical applications are taken care of in the best possible way.

Discover your strategic benefits when choosing IT Outsourcing with Kumina

Business Continuity

» Improve your business efficiency and productivity by letting your IT team focus on their core business.
» Our optional 24/7 emergency support number makes sure your business runs 24/7; if critical problems arise, we are immediately available to help you.

Peace of Mind

» Reduce your security risks due to access to extensive knowledge and expertise of security and compliance issues.
» With our unlimited support hours, unresolved IT problems are history.
» We work with fixed and transparent prices, this way you have complete financial control and no unexpected IT costs.

Growth and Innovation

» Improve your IT environment by having access to trained specialists with extensive experience and access to the newest and best technologies.
» Trend analysis help accurately plan for future expansion and optimization, ensuring your platform is always ready for the future.
» Free up resources to invest in your business strategy by lowering your operational, employee and IT investment costs.