Managed IT operations since 2007

Kumina has provided companies in a wide variety of industries with open source infrastructure solutions and managed services since 2007. As open-source enthusiasts, we have a strong focus on sharing our deep expertise and experience. Our mission is simple: building and managing the perfectly tailored technical infrastructure that allow our clients to excel at what they do.

Delivering results we can be proud of

We have one clear rule:

quotemark left We do something well, or we don’t do it at all. quotemark right

Because we want to be able to be proud of our work. This rule has paid off: what started as a three-person start-up has grown into a complete tech team with a mix of system administrators and developers.

We commit ourselves to receive the best possible recommendation score, based on the unshakable trust our customers have in our expertise, experience and quality of service. We believe in the power of collaboration and invest in long-term relationships with great organisations and colleagues.

We are ambitious but also realistic: we don’t promise that no problems will ever arise. Or that we are the perfect partner for everyone. What we do promise are short communication lines, honest advice and explicit fixed-price models. Above all, direct and personal contact with a dedicated team that takes the time to get to know you and your business.

Open Source & Kubernetes

Kumina specialised in Linux and open-source software since day one. As a team, we are always learning, innovating and exploring new possibilities. When Kubernetes was first released, we adopted it in its early days. Kubernetes quickly became our favourite tool to build the versatile, tailored IT solutions on which our customers can rely. We were one of the first European Kubernetes service partners and are proud to be part of the certified Kubernetes service provider program. As open-source aficionados, we like to give back to the community as much as possible, and we open source most of our contributions and projects. Discover all our open source projects and contributions.

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