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Let us help you turn your online infrastructure into business value

Are you considering a transition to a container platform or new cloud infrastructure? Or are you looking for some help with problems in an existing infrastructure? Our team has helped organisations design, build and manage high-quality IT environments for over a decade. We have a deep understanding of the struggles executives and developers face. But above all, we know which technology and processes can make a difference.

IT consultancy
Our team can assist you with consulting and advice within several core areas of expertise:

» Docker and Kubernetes. Since the introduction of container technology, Kumina has helped several organisations migrate to a Docker and Kubernetes setup. We can help you understand the implications and benefits of using containers and Kubernetes and advise you on best practices.

» Continuous integration and continuous delivery. We are experienced users of the open source Jenkins automation server, and we can help you fully automate your software release and development pipeline.

» Monitoring. Kumina is the leading Dutch contributor to open source monitoring tool Prometheus. Our Prometheus experts can help you implement Prometheus on a traditional cloud infrastructure or Kubernetes setup.

» Managed IT operations. We have over 50 years of collective experience in managed IT operations, open source infrastructures and Linux system administration. We can provide you with a technology-stack assessment and recommendations.

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