Why Kumina

Are you considering it-outsourcing?

Setting up, migrating and maintaining an optimal IT infrastructure requires a lot of expertise and time. If you are considering entering this process with an external party, you are faced with an important decision: Who will I team up with? Not only a company’s technical offerings and prices play a role when it comes to answering this question. Its approach and corporate culture are at least as important. Since it concerns business-critical services, you’ve got to have a good feeling about your prospective IT-partner.

This is how we work:

Unlimited support for a fixed price

It goes without saying that in addition to saving on your IT costs, you also want to make sure those costs will not turn out unexpectedly high. That is why we don’t charge per request or per hour: you will simply receive unlimited technical support and consultations for a flat monthly fee.

Flexible custom-made solutions

No organisation is the same, and the possibilities in the cloud are endless. More than a decade of practical experience has taught us time and again that a flexible approach is the best way to go. And that is exactly what you can expect from us: customisation. Whether it concerns the infrastructure, the SLA, or maintenance: together we will determine which specifications offer your company the best results.


Kumina does not have hundreds of clients, but doesn’t consider that its goal either. We prefer investing in long-term collaborations with great organisations, rather than securing a position as market leader. And this is precisely what clients appreciate so much about us: the fact that they can have direct and personal contact with us. Simply the feeling and assurance that they will always be more than just a number to us.

Our starting-point: No Nonsense!

We have one clear rule: we do something well, or we don’t do it at all. Because we want to be able to be proud of our work. We are not only perfectionists, but realists as well: We don’t promise no problems will ever arise. Or that we are the perfect partner for everyone. What we do promise are honest advice, no-nonsense communication, and clear fixed-pricing models. But above all, a team that does everything in its power to keep its clients satisfied. Please don’t hesitate to present your challenge to us. We always offer a telephone consultation with one of our experts without obligation, during which we can determine together if we make a good match.

It’s all in the name

We didn’t just come up with the name ‘Kumina’. It refers to an old culture, the members of which believe in passing on ancestors’ knowledge. From day one, we have specialised in open source and Linux, which are both characterised by a heavy emphasis on sharing knowledge and achieving innovation and optimisation through collaboration. This principle is also reflected in our workflow. Our specialists work tightly together and share all their knowledge in code internally. This way, we make sure that our entire team is always fully informed with regard to your set-up. At Kumina, you will not have to deal with an accountmanager as your sole contact, but you will have an entire team of specialists at your disposal.