Managed web servers

Web servers are relevant to every company that operates online. We make sure your web sever is fully adapted to your needs and requirements, they can be upgraded at any time. We are providing you with the appropriate resources based on your requirements and traffic levels.


Website authentication

The option to add authentication to every website, for example to prevent malicious or abusive traffic to your website.

Apache 2.4

Kumina prefers working with Apache 2.4, since this is a very stable web server and one of the most feature rich web servers available. Apache is the market leader within the industry, and not without reason. Apache is extremely fast at serving static content and is able to handle a lot of connections at the same time with limited resources.


PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) allows us to distribute server resources in an effective way across multiple sites. This prevents other sites from becoming unavailable because of one high traffic site. It also allows us to implement different PHP configuration for different websites, which makes our setups very flexible.

Enhanced permissions

All websites run under their own user, which makes sure that when multiple websites are run on the same server, they cannot modify each other's files. This enhances security since most attacks in shared hosting environments (or simply multiple sites running on the same server) depend on one vulnerable element in the entire stack. These features are highly important to our Security-in-Depth philosophy.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor all sites per default. We will simply check your front page to see if it does not return an error. And when we do notice an error, we will notify you ASAP!

No charge per site

Kumina charges per service, not per website. So you can run as many websites as the hardware can hold without paying a dime extra for the maintenance services of the web servers. This has already allowed some of our customers to host 1000+ sites on a single setup!



Our webservers are suitable for PHP applications, for example Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.


Because Wordpress is a commonly used but also vulnerable software, Kumina takes extra measures and provides extra services to protect our clients as best as possible.» More about our wordpress measures and services...


Our webservers are suitable for Python applications, for example Django, Flask and Pyramid.


Our webservers are suitable for Ruby applications, for example Rails, Cuba and Sinatra.


Our webservers are suitable for Java applications, for example Tomcat, Jboss and Glassfish.

And more

We also support NodeJS and we can also deploy a Railo server on request, costs may apply. Static content is no issues at all - anything that runs on Linux can run on our setups.

Traffic Management

Logging and trend analysis

Log management sorts and aggregates log data. To accommodate more elaborate trending and diagrams, we implemented an ELK logging stack. This way you can see (near) real-time data in graphs. This enables a deeper, semi-live insight in what's happening on your system. You can create your own dashboards to fit your specific needs.

  » More about our database server features...