Managed Kubernetes: fully managed Docker container platform

For any scale, on any infrastructure

Kumina helps organisations on their transition to a container based infrastructure. From consultation phase, through the initial build, to production readiness and ongoing around-the-clock management and support. We do the heavy lifting for you. Our tailor-made container solutions are based on Docker and Kubernetes and run on any Linux based operating system. We can build your container solution on top of bare metal, virtual servers, public or private cloud: the choice is yours. Are you just getting started? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consult or Kubernetes demonstration. We are happy to share our expertise and experience and provide you with insights as to whether a container solution is the right approach for you.

Container services: Around-the-clock management and support

Enable your development team to do what they do best: code. With our container services, we take care of your entire container platform, giving you the opportunity to focus on development and getting ahead of the competition. Our container services include:

» Security measures for all your containers running on Kubernetes
» Extensive 24/7 monitoring for your entire platform.
» Tips and advice concerning monitoring and securing your own applications.
» Unlimited technical support hours.
» Consultancy and advice.
» 24/7 proactive troubleshooting and incident management.
» Updates and management of Kubernetes, Docker and all other supporting software.

We also offer the following optional services:

» 24/7 emergency number.
» Customised Kubernetes-training.
» Back-ups and disaster recovery.
» Managed database servers.
» Integrated and managed ELK-stack for logging, analysis and visualisations.

The benefits of a container platform, Docker and Kubernetes

» The perfect foundation to apply continuous deployment and continuous integration
» Easily set-up, replicate, or break down any development, testing or production environment at any moment.
» Roll-out and roll-back of new features and updates with zero downtime.
» Minimizes the complexity of your infrastructure and developers’ workflow.
» Increasing efficiency of resources.
» Platform independent and easier to switch to another cloud environment.
» Very quick time-to-recovery and time-to-market.
» Possible malfunctions are easier and faster to resolve.

Under the hood

We offer our container services on any infrastructure. You can run it on bare metal, provided by yourself, a third party or Kumina. It is also possible to run it on Kumina’s virtual machines, or a public cloud environment from providers such as AWS, Google Cloud or Digital Ocean.

Kubernetes is a software solution for managing containerised workloads. It’s originally based on Google’s software Borg and nowadays it’s one of the largest and most active open source projects. Kubernetes is used as the foundation for many container based solutions, at Kumina as well, who is mentioned as a Kubernetes Managed Service partner on the Kubernetes website.

Docker is open source software for creating, deploying, and running applications by using containers. Containers allow you to package an application with all the parts it needs, such as libraries, and ship it all out as a single package.

Prometheus is an open source monitoring tool we use to keep an eye on your entire platform 24/7. We possess extensive knowledge about this monitoring tool; our experts even contributed to its development. Prometheus allows us to gather hundreds of metrics per application.

Kumina in a nutshell

» Over 10 years of experience in tailor-made solutions

» Dedicated teams of driven professionals

» Fixed, transparent pricing and clear SLA

» Unlimited support and consultancy

» Straightforward, no-nonsense collaboration

» Pro-active, 24/7 emergency support

"We do it right, or we don’t do it at all"

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