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Creating and managing online IT infrastructures is what we do and what we love. Rely on over 10 years of experience in safeguarding mission critical online applications and complex development environments.

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Flexible cloud solutions for every challenge

Setting up a new cloud environment can be a complex and challenging journey. A journey that requires a partner you can count on to design, build and manage your tailor-made public, private or hybrid cloud environment. We are this kind of partner for our customers. Our extensive experience has taught us that tailor-made solutions are the key to success. Together, we will develop a solution that’s perfectly suited to your needs and wishes. Throughout the process of creating and migrating your new environment, our experts will be available to guide you and answer all your questions.

managed private cloud
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Discover the power of managed IT infrastructure

With our managed solutions, your entire online infrastructure is in good hands 24/7, right up to your own application or website. Day-to-day management, updates and patches, multiple layers of security controls, 24/7 monitoring, trend analysis, troubleshooting and unlimited support hours: we have got you covered. If your services require it, a supplementary 24/7 emergency response line is available.

managed public cloud

Managed public cloud

High performance, maximal flexibility

Do you experience many fluctuations in your online traffic? Do you need to be able to scale up and down at the press of a button? Then a public cloud solution might be the most economical for you, with the option to pay only for the resources you actually use.

As an independent cloud services provider, we offer our managed services on various public cloud environments, such as AWS and Google cloud. We can help you design your public cloud environment and take care of the day-to-day IT operations afterwards. This enables you to take full advantage of the flexibility and scalability offered by a public cloud, while relying on our experts to monitor and protect your cloud environment 24/7.

managed public cloud
managed private cloud

Managed private cloud

The same efficiency, with greater control

A private cloud solution offers you the agility and efficiency of the public cloud, in your own dedicated environment. These dedicated resources will give you a greater level of control and security. This makes a private cloud solution a good fit for companies for whom the availability and performance of their online applications is the first priority.

A private cloud solution by Kumina consists of powerful virtual server clusters and optimisation techniques such as failover, load balancing and caching. This results in high-performance environments for a myriad of applications. We can also provide you with managed database servers, back-ups and disaster recovery.

managed kubernetes

Managed Kubernetes

Container technology: the future of enterprise IT

Container technology is shaping the future of software development, causing a structural change in the cloud-computing world. Enterprises are adopting it at an explosive rate, and for good reasons: it can really simplify and speed up your development process.

Over the last few years, Kumina has helped several customers transition to a container-based infrastructure. Our tailor-made container solutions are based on Docker and Kubernetes and can be created on your choice of infrastructure: bare metal or a public or private cloud environment. Curious how container technology can help your company innovate? Contact us for a free consultation – we would be happy to share our expertise and experience with you.

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No vendor lock-in

We will never hold back access to our documentation and configurations if you decide to move to another provider. We want you to stay with us because our excellent performance makes you a happy customer, not because you feel you have no other choice.

Exceptional support

Four words say it all: unlimited support and advice. Because you pay us for our results, not for our time. A supplementary 24/7 emergency response line is available, making sure an expert can always be reached in case of emergency.

On your side

Our dedicated team will come to know your business from the inside out, making them experts at identifying and meeting your needs. No more knowledge gaps or shortage of manpower due to illness, holidays or staff turnover. We are always on your side.

Quick and personal

You will always be able to talk to a real person. Thanks to our small teams and short communication lines, our experts are just an email away. In addition, we don’t do bureaucracy – if you need something, we get to work.

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