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Are you considering making the transition to a container platform or a new cloud infrastructure? Or are you struggling to overcome your IT problems or live up to the ever-evolving demands and challenges from the market? We would gladly help you get on the right track with an hour of consulting with one of our solution engineers.

Our name, ‘Kumina’, refers to an old culture that strongly believes in the power of passing on ancestral knowledge. This philosophy has been our guiding principle for over ten years: we make it our mission to help other organisations by sharing our knowledge and experience. And what better way to practice what we preach, than by offering free consulting? Contact us and experience our commitment to excellence.

How we can help

We will:
» Answer your questions and give you clarity about the possibilities of traditional virtualisation techniques, containers, Docker and Kubernetes.
» Help you discover how containers can best be used to address your challenges and goals.
» Discuss the pro’s and con’s of possible solutions.
» Help you understand the implications and benefits of using containers and Kubernetes for your enterprise and your development team.
» Discuss your options in several areas, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery and monitoring, on the basis of our experience with solutions we have implemented in the past.

Are you currently using containers (Docker, specifically)?

Are you currently using Kubernetes?

Are you using continuous integration and/or continuous deployment?

Which tools do you use?

Which software do you use?

Which applications?

Which languages/toolkits/frameworks do you use? Also, are the applications developed with 12 factor apps in mind (

In what stage of development is this software in (e.g., design, development, maintenance)